Rick Cosby

Rick Cosby is an Radio Wave Frequency engineer by trade. His engineering degree from the Dale School of Engineering in England, focused on wave theory and radio frequency engineering. His career has included still-classified work as a design scientist with the US Department of Defense, and as a Science Contractor for the Department of Energy.

He is a professor of Electro Physics, and has completed numerous independent consulting contracts for radio frequency engineering, including the construction of several radio and television broadcast stations.

Rick Cosby has a deep practical and theoretical understanding of light waves. His highly specialized education and experience make him uniquely qualified to put forth the theory that special lenses might help prevent headaches - and then to actually design and build the lenses for TriggerOptics.



"I'm a radio frequency engineer. Now that's a fairly rare type of engineer. Basically, we study radio waves and light, and all things to do with frequency. Like, for instance, even the X-Ray machine at the doctors office. Now, because of that,

I've enjoyed many high-tech jobs like for instance the DOD and the DOE of the US government where I've been a contractor. And I've professored electro-physics and colleges.

All of that put together allowed me to invent these things for my wife. I noticed my wife had migraine headaches from almost the time we were married. And like any husband, I got to share in all those benefits that migraine headaches produce.

So of course there was a wee bit of selfishness in inventing this! But I began to notice and observe what caused her migraine headaches, and I noticed that the seemed to happen about over the same type of circumstances, and over the same general set of circumstances each time.

Now, I don't mean that it happened at the same time of day or in the same situation. I just mean in the same technical circumstances, and I began to be able to predict it. The minute I could predict it, I created these crude pair of lenses, put them on, she immediately would not give them back. And I knew that I had a winner.

Now over the years, I've kind of improved on that a wee bit, and she now wears a little more attractive form of these. But I think the Trigger Optics design was just kind of born out of love in the beginning, but I think it can help you a lot.

Now, why do these lenses work? Well, it all goes back to the fact that it is in the lens. It's not the rest of the apparatus that you see, but it is the lens itself. It's how we treat the lens and how we create it.

It basically comes down to this: have you ever played two notes on a piano that were out of sync with one another and you noticed how it kind of makes you cringe? Well that's basically what the light's doing to you. And these glasses correct that. Try Trigger Optics. See if they work for you. I think they will."

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