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Could certain light waves entering your eyes trigger headaches?

A growing group of esteemed scientists seem to think so…

TriggerOptics, a Colorado company led by Radio Frequency engineer Rick Cosby, has developed a pair of highly advanced lenses designed to alter a certain group of light waves believed to be triggers for many types of headaches, including migraines.

The concept is not new, but the highly specialized design created by Cosby for TriggerOptics is a first in the marketplace. It is essentially a pair of sunglasses designed specifically for headache sufferers. According to Cosby, "headaches may be prevented by wearing these TriggerOptics lenses."

Cosby is an Wave Frequency Engineer by trade. His engineering degree from the Dale School of Engineering in England, focused on wave theory and radio frequency engineering. His career has included still-classified work as a design scientist with the US Department of Defense, and as a Science Contractor for the Department of Energy.

He is a professor of Electro Physics, and has completed numerous independent consulting contracts for radio frequency engineering, including the construction of several radio and television broadcast stations. Rick Cosby has a deep practical and theoretical understanding of light waves. His highly specialized education and experience make him uniquely qualified to put forth the theory that special lenses might help prevent headaches - and then to actually design and build the lenses for TriggerOptics.

The lens is designed to alter the actual wavelength (or frequency) of certain light waves so they never reach the rods and cones at the back of the eye. And according to Cosby, it's not just a single frequency of wave, but it is certain wave harmonics that may be creating the problem.

From the rods and cones, information is sent through the optic nerve to the visual cortex where it is interpreted by the brain as sight. The theory is simple. If a certain group of waves are the culprit for headaches, why not create a lense that blocks or alters those specific light waves and prevents them from ever reaching the inner workings of the human eye? The results have been startling.

One thing is certain, if light is not a trigger, it is absolutely a cause of increased sensitivity and pain once a migraine, or any headache for that matter, has begun. The flight to darkness is a universal among headache sufferers. Does it not make sense that if sensitivity and pain is enhanced by light waves? By eliminating those light waves a decrease in pain will result.

Trigger Optics Lenses effectively alter Light waves before they reach your eyes and have been shown to reduce or even eliminate headache pain.

With our 100% No Questions asked Risk Free Guarantee you have nothing to lose except you headache pain.



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